What Makes Us Different?

It is great to have rankings for keywords, but it is even more important to rank for the right keywords that will bring high-value patients to your practice. What makes us unique?

  • First, we know internet dental marketing. Working with practices in the U.S. and Canada for more than a decade has given us the opportunity to learn how to reach high-value patients.
  • Second, using tracking tools online and in your office, we show you how the entire conversion process is working from the point when they find you online through becoming a paying patient.
  • As your internet marketing partner, we meet with you regularly to assess the marketing effectiveness, build on successes and improve weaknesses. It’s a process of continuing to make it even better.
  • Through the use of our proprietary ProspectTracker tool we are able to integrate with your dental office software. This means that we are able to seamlessly access production figures and leverage the data to form detailed marketing strategies. Other agencies simply can’t give you solutions with the level of detail that we can.


Crown Council strategic parter for search engine marketing


What We Do

Online Visibility

With our internet marketing services, you will increase your online visibility through:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Enhanced Local Listings
  • Patient Reviews
  • Video Optimization and more.

We ensure targeted prospects can find you and learn about the services you offer right when they are interested and searching online. Done correctly, these prospects can become some of your best qualified leads.


We don’t stop there. Understanding what is converting best in the office helps us know where to focus attention and resources. The ProspectTracker tool makes it easier to track the results in order to see what is happening with the leads and provides a convenient follow-up tool to help improve conversion.

Who We Are

Have you ever wished you could clearly know how much your internet search marketing was actually returning to your practice? Lane Anderson founded ProspectaMarketing in 2003 with a unique approach to internet search marketing that does just that. Having been engaged in consumer marketing for more than 30 years, he learned to think like an owner of a business and has been an owner. He managed national brands at Kraft Foods with bottom-line responsibility. He also developed new consumer products there and later as a principal with a strategy and new product development partnership that focused on processes for creating successful new products.

ProspectaMarketing has helped generate millions and millions of dollars in new patient revenue for dentists across the U.S. and Canada. We help our clients connect what happens online with what converts offline in the practice. As an internet dental marketing agency, we serve a limited number of dental practices that are committed to growing successfully with expert marketing and a great internal practice that delivers on the marketing messages.

Lane Anderson, Founder and CEO
Brent Hicken, Chief Technology Officer

What Our Partner Dentists Say

“I am constantly approached by other marketing companies trying to sell me their services. When I rattle off a quick list of everything I would want from them, from keywords to tracking numbers to production data, and that the ROI must beat what I currently get, they usually look rather confused and politely excuse themselves from the office. Prospecta is the best!”
Dr. Shane Sykes, The Reno Dentist

“If you are thinking about someone to help you with internet marketing, my first choice would be Lane Anderson and Prospecta.”
Dr. Jeff Gray, Jeff Gray DDS

“Lane and his team are attentive to details and responsive to our internet needs. We have gotten some great new patients from ProspectaMarketing. The great news is that Lane is always up on the trends in internet marketing. Thanks to Lane and his team and we hope to continue to see growth in the number of internet patients we get.”
Michael Bjornbak, DDS, Sherman Oaks, CA

Want to Learn More?

Contact us today to learn how we can help you become more visible to reach new prospects and grow your practice. We are glad to talk with you without obligation.

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